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Stupidly good indie games bundle

So check this out. If you haven’t already got Democracy 2, because you thought it was a bit pricey , think again:

This is through Direct2Drive, who are a reseller for some of my games. If you bought those games separately, they would cost $77.75, and they are selling them as a bundle for $17.75, which is clearly mental. I must have been mad.

Even forgetting that I have a game in there, that’s a pretty impressive deal. If you haven’t seen a game play video of Cogs, it’s worth checking out (puzzle game done with amazing polish).

The deal ends on 9th August, so if you like the look of it, snap it up now :D.

7 thoughts on Stupidly good indie games bundle

  1. I was thinking about getting it just because of Democracy 2 and The Path, because I already have the other 3…

    Or maybe get Democracy 2 directly from you?

  2. I wish this was on Impulse… I have a distinctive hatred of D2D on so many levels (based on how often I format my computer and the restriction of downloads).

    Any luck talking to the Valve guys about getting on Steam?

  3. democracy 2 is available on impulse…

    i didnt realize this was a positech game… i played the demo around 6 months ago, and just kept losing and losing and losing and losing no matter what i did… really frustrating… finally just gave up… i wanted to like it, i tried really really hard to like it, because i loved stuff like shadow president, but the difficulty finally beat me down.

  4. nice deal you are mental :)

    Cliff after you’ve released the game for pc etc have you thought of doing a smaller version for the iphone. I think it would be rather popular the latest terminator game for the iphone looks amazing so Gratuitous Space Battles shouldnt have to much of a problem looking just as good on the iphone whats your thinking?

  5. id love to see this on android, too… would be cool to grab random fleets to fight against, and have some kind of leaderboard…

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