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Gratuitous Tank Driving

I’m sure some people have seen a picture of me with a klingon knife or a jem h’adar gun or my bow and arrows and think I’m some weapon obsessed maniac. This isn’t true.  It’s just con-incidence that I spent yesterday driving Chieftain tanks, self propelled guns and APCs. It was a Christmas present…

Here’s me checking out my new vehicle. It has worse mileage than my peugeot, but I suspect parking is easier, or at least more flexible.It was the most comfortable vehicle to drive, you actually have room to move your legs. Its also the the only one where you had to do gear changes as you drove.

This is me driving an APC. It was a total bitch to drive. The tank was way easier. I almost sent the thing tipping on one side during some particularly excitable cornering.

And here was my fave drive of the day. An abbot Self-propelled gun. It was much easier than the APC, and it actually shifted pretty fast. It’s weird driving something that has a big huge fuck off gun barrel clearly in your line of vision.

So tank driving is another thing I can now cross off my mental list of silly things I need to try.

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