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Great space sim

It seems small indie companies can still turn out very competitive space sim games. check this out:

I tried the demo earlier and was very impressed. I’m not sure how big the company is, but for a non-famous developer this is pretty awesome stuff. It’s good to play new space games right now, when I’m working on artwork for my own space game. BTW, finally got zooming in and out working fine, so the game has a bit more visual depth to it now. All I need to do now is make sure everything still looks good at twice the size (or four times the size), which probbaly will take weeks…

4 thoughts on Great space sim

  1. StarWraith3D!

    He’s been making iteration after iteration of that since 2001 or something. Really smart guy!

  2. Some random info

    Galactic Federations. It’s what I imagined Freespace and Freespace 2 to be like. Only tried 2 missions though but from the look of things it seems solid.
    Ad Astra is a third one. Recently discovered via RPS comments thread on Evochron Legends. Procedural something or other with native animals.

  3. I try to keep up to date on all space sim games, mods and community projects on my website that is dedicated to space sims Been online for about four months and growing every day and it’s nice to see this genre making a comeback. I am always looking for new games in development and the latest news so if you come across something please stop by and tell us about. I’m hoping to make SSC a go to site for everything space sim related. So hope to see everyone there.

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