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Phear my share-dealing skillz

or not… as the case may be. I’ve long been 100% sure that UK retailers Marks & Spencers is a sure fight stock market bet.

Fuck. I lost hundreds of pounds today on the stock market. Grrrrr. The thing is, the company is VERY profitable, its profits last year and its revenue were up on the previous year. It has a very well defined market niche (eco-friendly upmarket food and high quality clothes) and strong customer loyalty, and unmatched brand recognition. Plus its sales have only dropped 4%. Why on earth did its shares drop so much?

So much for my attempts to be a stock market guru. I guess I’ll stick to indie games, at least they make *some* money!

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  1. Marks & Spencers stock has been steadily declining since the 18th June with a big drop between the 1st and 2nd July. I would have bailed within a week of the decline starting as the price was only down a little bit at that point.

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