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  1. Hi Cliff,
    Till friday I diidn´t even know that D4 was a thing…
    I have watched all 12 D4 video blogs this weekend. Really amazed for what´s coming!!!! :)
    Pretty amazed about new features, especially political capital revamp and happiness distribution!

    Just some things that came to my mind watching the videos:

    – President Assassination:
    This is the only feature I dislike from D3. In fact I play the game with it disabled.
    It´s a super black/white situation (you are killed or not) but more than that it seems not realistic enough for me. As a President I will not be worried about my life but about the nation security. So if my policies are not good it´s my nation who pays the price (eg big terrorist attack=social+economy impact/citizens blaming the government). Maybe President Assassination can be an option but not the center of the “security area/mini-game” of the game.

    – Income/expenditure/chart Graphics
    Income/expenditure/charts graphics feel a little off or outdated compared to the rest of the game. I´m not sure what it is exactly (maybe the colors) but it has a feel less sharp or refined than the whole package. (pure cosmetic, not the info)

    – New Policies:
    It will be great to have a graphic projection on how any politics implementation/change will impact the $ balance before making the final decision

    It will be great as well to have new policies sorted by name/cost/$ impact. Additionally having the possibilty to bookmark some new policies will make things easier to filter what you want

    Also, knowing who this new policy affects will be useful before clicking the implement button (maybe it´s shadowed on purpose, but when you twaek an exisiting one you have the info

    Thanks for your great work and passion, can´t wait to play the game!!!

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