Announcing Democracy 4

September 14, 2018 | Filed under: business | democracy 4

Development has started on Democracy 4, the latest iteration of the political strategy game by Positech Games. Democracy 3 was released in 2013 and…quite a lot has happened in global politics since then, which we hope to reflect in the new version. We are still very early in the development of the game, so are not ready to show anything yet, but here are the answers to some expected questions:

Lead programmer and Lead Designer on Democracy 4 will be Jeff Sheen from Stargazy Studios, who also designed Democracy 3:Africa and worked on the Unicode port of Democracy 3 recently to allow support for Russian & Chinese translations. Cliff will help with design & testing and will be producer.

Democracy 4 will incorporate the extra features introduced in Democracy 3 Africa, which simulated corruption, limits to press freedom and other political phenomena from the extremes which are starting to become more common in western politics since the release of Democracy 3.

The game will be completely updated to reflect modern issues, so no more worrying about the ‘V’ chip and other long forgotten issues, and more worrying about fake-news, social media, and other social phenomena driving politics in 2018 onwards.

The release date is ‘some time in 2019’ and we expect to offer an early-access / playable alpha version to players before the games final release. Target platforms are PC, OSX and Linux.

The plan is to roll content from the existing 4 expansion packs (Extremism, Social Engineering, Clones & Drones and Electioneering) into Democracy 4 where appropriate and relevant to provide a single version of the game.

More details coming over the next few months :D

9 Responses to “Announcing Democracy 4”

  1. Joe says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. jztemple says:

    Excellent news! I was worried when I saw those “End of Democracy” posts, but I now have a new reason to last until at least 2019.

  3. Acho says:

    Please have a parliament system and a party system. That is what will add a lot of realism.

  4. Joshua says:

    Previsão da linguagem em português?

  5. David Sowder says:

    Good to see Linux as a target platform.

    Any chance of Democracy 3:Africa making it to Linux, possibly because of the work on Democracy 4?

  6. Bubatranec says:

    “Target platforms are PC, OSX and Linux”

    Psst, you’ve got a typo there. You’ve accidentally put a device (PC) between all the operating systems and forgot to add “Windows”.

  7. s3boun3t says:

    thanks for support Linux

  8. I can’t wait! It is very good that there is a version for osx. I have MacBook. I ceased to use windows after a release of Windows 10.