No time to write anything else, as I have 2 bugs I want to squash before I upload a new version of the game…but here is the latest developer video:

2 Responses to “New Production Line Developer Video!”

  1. You may be able to use the connected components algorithm as an early out. If one point on the map doesn’t have the same label as another, it can’t be reached. Sean Barrett implemented an iterative version of connected components where changing one thing on a map means you don’t have to rebuild the entire connectivity map.

    As for the path finding itself, JPS+ tends to offer massive speed-ups compared to classic A*, but I’d have to guess as to how well it would work for the conveyor system.

    Am looking forward to the full release of the game.

    • cliffski says:

      Aha, this is awesome. I have made enough of a speed-up that I’m happy to release this current build, but I shall definitely read that site link with interest. I’ve never really had to code all that much path-finding before so its relatively new territory for me.