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Production Line coming to Early Access on 18th May Teaser Trailer released!

Its official! We now have a teaser trailer for Production Line:

Also…We are planning on releasing to steam Early Access on 18th may, at $15.99. We will be releasing the EA build to our alpha customers soon, probably a few days before that, and adjusting the price up to match. The new build will have a new car model 9compoact) and some other cool stuff :D. This means that I have got all my steam keys set aside for the pre-order customers (yay!) and also means I can embed cool widgets like this:

Which is all jolly exciting :D

From a business POV, it means that I start to find out how many people who want the game have been putting off trying it until its EA release (no matter how many times I mention it, people don’t seem to believe they get a steam, key when it comes to EA…) Hopefully this means a tidy jump in sales, but as it’s already got >9,000 pre-order players, I’m feeling quietly confident it will do ok in Early Access.

Of course this also means I need to get off my backside and send out some press emails to announce its EA release, and that then opens the floodgates to all the spammers and scammers with their popular youtube channels of 6 viewers, or the many claiming to be the likes of pewdiepie, who mysteriously cannot afford a $15.99 game… Ho hum. Part of modern game release process I guess…

This also signifies that I think the game is ‘good enough’ at its current state to be considered an Early Access title. Feedback has been really good and people assure me it was already good enough on day one, but I’d like to surpass peoples expectations rather than just live up to them.

Releasing to EA will no doubt swallow up a lot of time dealing with new tech support questions and how to play questions etc, which may slow the pace of new features and bug fixes slightly, but hopefully not too badly. I already have the compact car body done, tested and in the game ready for the next patch, so I’m kind of ahead-of-myself. Plus its pretty close to ‘GUI refresh’ time, so there is lots of cool stuff coming.

The next two weeks will be nerve-wracking no doubt. I just hope the game gets picked up by some games press and gets some twitter/reddit/facebook love.

In the meantime you can still grab a copy using the humble widget: