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Looking back on 2015

So how was 2015 for Positech Games and err…me? Well it was pretty busy I guess… Lets see…

I released Gratuitous Space Battles 2 to thunderous indifference, although enough sales to justify making it. I didn’t have the ‘best’ launch ever, and launched it amid so many space strategy game releases I cannot even count them all, which was extremely bad timing. Nevertheless, I enjoyed making it, and I’m very proud of the engine I built for it.


We published ‘Big Pharma‘, our second published game, and that was a bit of an indie hit. It proved to me that publishing games by a very select few other indie devs was something I enjoy and makes sense for me to do. Champagne all-round!


I bought a very silly toy.


I then bought an even more silly toy.

CWhjB48WoAEEqOR.jpg large

I made the decision to publish shadowhand, a very interesting ‘card battling’ game, which is outside my normal genre, but I think has huge potential. So thats kept me busy.


I also decided to publish another game that I have not publicly announced yet…

Positech also started work, together with Jeff From stargazy on Democracy 3:Africa, which I’m very excited about.


Positech also funded the construction of a school in Cameroon.


Thats enough for one year surely? I’m taking next week off :D.

2 thoughts on Looking back on 2015

  1. Looking at the Big Pharma screenshot, my first thought was “That’s not a very efficient use of space.” My second thought was “Holy crap, you can cross conveyor belts! It would have been nice to know that several levels ago!”

  2. Well I guess it was pretty efficient year for you… :)

    I wonder what percentage of games was sold directly from your sites?

    Congratulations Cliff!

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