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Democracy 3 collectors edition: 50% off right now

I haven’t mentioned this on here, so I feel I must. The collectors edition of Democracy 3 is 50% off this week on steam.


Tell your friends, and also buy a copy, if bizarrely you don’t have one already :D The collectors edition is the base game plus all the DLC. What could be more fun! Plus its on Windows, mac & Linux, which seems to be less common on steam than it used to be. Ho hum. Anyway… I’m promoting this a bit on reddit and facebook, and hoping to have a nice bump in sales. Games like D3 can keep selling long after release, and its been a great last year for sales. Its my last hurrah before the release of GSB2, and then not *that* long afterwards…big pharma.

3 thoughts on Democracy 3 collectors edition: 50% off right now

  1. More Big Corp goodness: ***

    In another “news” I learned that some company with big mobile game hits has spent 400M on advertising. I’m left to question, are the games good or was the advertising good. In YouTube I’ve found that effective way to gain lots of thumb downs and viewers is to have some good looking image in place of what should be a point in the video – so when viewers want to look that at full screen they won’t find it. This would be exact equivalent of if you went to a store to buy a big box game, then looked at the screenshots in the back and there was some pre-render stuff instead of ingame footage without any note that “well the game isn’t done yet so we don’t have screenshots yet”.

    I liked this quote in the article

    ““The US media is no longer run by journalists. It is run by former government officials and corporate advertising executives. The values of the mega-media companies depend on their federal broadcast licenses. If the companies go against the government, the companies take a risk that their licenses will not be renewed and, thus, the multi-billion dollar values of the companies fall to zero. If media organizations investigate wrongful activities by corporations, they risk the loss of advertising revenues and become less viable.””

    Of course this all goes back to the “hey lets get some MBA’s and quants to optimize revenue and risk and leave nothing of value to our customer – by the time we retire we have out bonuses and investors will hold the bag if people stop reading/using out product/whatever”.

  2. s/out/our/. I was actually using a desktop keyboard but I’ll make up some excuse about laptop keyboard layouts making one used to different key-spacing.

  3. Hi, Cliff! I wonder if this game can be used as a simple (not precise, but illustrative) computer model of economic processes, for example, as a measuring tool on public debates about economic policy. Say, you have some data about the regional economic situation, you put it in this program (Democracy 1 or 2 or 3), you make some decisions and then you got an illustration of the possible consequences. I’m interested in non-commercial use of this program for public affairs. Could this be possible and sufficiently reliable?

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