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Gratuitous Space Battles2 Patch 1.20 Live NOW!

So yay! It’s that exciting time again, it’s PATCH TIME. What is in this version? Here are the highlights… <drumroll!>

  1. Default ship designs added for all Zyrtari ships!
  2. Subtle fill-bars behind variables when looking at a module stats now show immediately how that stat compares with others of the same size class.
  3. Fixed a lot of bunched-up dreadnought turret GUI things.
  4. Fixed some horrible bugs where composites got scrambled
  5. Also fixed thing where layers below the hull were forgotten about.
  6. Fixed a pesky ‘design vanishes’ bug.
  7. Spatial anomalies are now added to missions!
  8. Default engagement ranges now more sensible…
  9. Shield resistance of most shield modules reduced.
  10. Support for French, Spanish and German!

Plus there are a load of minor tweaks, adjustments and fixes, including some performance tweaks. There are likely still two more patches before release day, and the final one is likely to be pure polish/optimization. (and possibly some module tweaking for balance).

Here is a screenshot showing what I mean about showing relative values of variables:


I think that makes things clearer than asking people to click on a variable and view the comparison chart.

And here is proof that the translations (first pass at them) are in!


(Hopefully that makes sense in Spanish?). On a related note. I’d like a sanity check on the translation in general, so if you speak Spanish, German or French, if you go the steam store page for the game (you still can’t buy it yet) which is here. You should be able to change language at the top right from your account to those 3 languages. Does it all look ok to you?

If you have already bought GSB2 from our website here, then you should get a patch download kick in either today or tomorrow. If you can’t wait,. or it won’t trigger, then just re-download the game using your original download link.

And tell your friends to grab a copy!


10 thoughts on Gratuitous Space Battles2 Patch 1.20 Live NOW!

  1. The French description in the store page is top-notch (I am a self-proclaimed grammar nazi for the French language).

    There are a few points that can be discussed and improved, but they’re not actual mistakes :
    “(…) offrent une expérience graphique plus en 3D” is maybe not the best way to put it. It could be “offrent une meilleure impression de profondeur 3D”, or “permettent de mieux discerner le relief”.
    “Fonctionne (et est superbe) à partir d’une résolution de 5120 ” sounds strange. Is it not rather “jusqu’à une résolution de 5120” ? (up to a resolution of 5120). Is it superb only after you’ve reached a 5120 resolution? This sentence sounds like it works and it’s superb starting at the 5120 resolution.

    As a final note, some of the “configuration requise” items are not translated, they’re in English (available space, any, or better …).

    Good luck, bye

  2. There’s apparently a problem with character encoding in the Spanish translation: “aòadir” should really be “añadir”.

  3. Another thing about spanish translation in steam: all the question marks must be initialized :-)

    A minor problem, but a problem.

    “¿Alguna vez has deseado ser el almirante de una flota espacial grande y poderosa creada a tu antojo? ¿Alguna vez has soñado con crear una flota de naves de guerra tan poderosa que convierta a cualquiera que se le cruce en polvo espacial?” is better.

    “explosiones 10 veves más alucinantes. ” must be “explosiones 10 veces más alucinantes. ”

    “Por fin obtendrás logros y cromos de Steam! ” must be “¡Por fin obtendrás logros y cromos de Steam! ” ,the same about question marks, but about exclamation ones.

    Well done, except this few points. (for sure my english is worse XD)

  4. I’m still unable to play “retaliation” matches in the challenge arena. People have sent retaliation fleets to me after playing my challenge, but they do not load. It acts as if it is downloading, then when the deployment screen shows, there is no fleet to fight.

  5. I’ve been encountering a bug that may or may not be an issue. It appears “Steam” is causing the issue. If I have Steam active in the background and I start the game (not from within Steam) it will give me the message “Please Wait” with the graphical slider back and forth overlaying the Game Title. I must use Win Task Mgr to close the game as there is no other option to exit when that happens. If I close Steam completely, the game loads just fine with no issues. I have activated my Steam key as well and it appears in my games list, just grayed-out. This may be resolved once the game is available on Steam is my guess.

  6. Is it me or is anyone else having issues playing a battle or challenge on Malvastaxx Alpha? It will not load the battle after the deployment phase for me. Either on battle mode or challenge (see Pollypop’s challenge).

    1. I tried re-installing my game and other fixes prior to that to try to alleviate my issues playing on Malvastaxx Alpha. My fleet loads to 38% and then the battle load crashes. No success yet.

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