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Democracy 3: Extremism Released

I don’t know what the US situation is right now, but Europe sure is going all extreme in it’s politics, from the National Front in France to the delights of UK politicians who blame flooding on gay marriage (oh yes…). We have a big test of extremist (kinda) politics in the UK coming up with the European elections. Should be an interesting spectacle. On that front, how about I release a NEW EXPANSION PACK!

I have to admit, I really like this trailer. Live action FTW. If you want to grab the expansion and get all extremist on yo voters asses, then you can grab it from my site here or from steam here or GoG here. Also Mac Game Store soon. Let me know what you think of it!

Now back to polishing Democracy 3 for the ipad…

10 thoughts on Democracy 3: Extremism Released

  1. Nice trailer! :)

    I have encountered a possible problem, though. After installing the DLC on a standalone copy of the game and starting a new game as the UK with default settings, I get a crash with the fault module name “KERNELBASE.dll”. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the DLC or something else…

  2. I really loved the video, very powerful!! very cool!! gotta try this one. Still in love with Kudos 2 though too. :) Maybe you can extend that one if you get a chance? I still play it, over and over sometimes, haha… anyway i just wanted to pop in and say the video on the new dlc for democracy was really fantastic. I especially like the black and white color aspect of the piece. Made me think of the old movies way back… like Fail Safe. :)

    Great acting and Great writing on the video too. Really, really nice!

  3. Love the trailer – very cool. Bought the expansion! Thanks!

    Cliff, may I ask, have you any plans to go right off the wall and question the notion of economic growth itself? You model Global forces and economy, but there is a school of thought that sees all of the last 200 years of progress as a cheap by-product of cheap energy (fossil fuels) – which will become more and more scarce.

    Not to mention the debt-fuelled economy being literally unsustainable.

    If true, “growth” would falter and the complexity of society diminish back to pre-oil levels… Any thoughts?

    P.S. Love the idea of Democracy 3 for the iPad…

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