This expansion for Democracy 3 adds 33 new situations and policies that reflect the more extreme side of politics, all within the framework of a democracy. Fed up with just adjusting taxes and government spending in the conventional sense? Perhaps you think your people need the national anthem sung at the start of every news broadcast? or maybe what they are crying out for is a ban on divorce, or same-sex relationships? Alternatively you might like to close your countries airports to save the environment, or maybe outright ban private education? How far to the extremes can you take your country and still maintain the support of the people (and avoid some of them putting a gun to your head). Democracy 3:Extremism, for when fiddling with tax rates simply isn't enough!

Democracy 3 The Ultimate Political Strategy Game

Note that buying a copy of the DLC from us direct ALSO gets you a steam key for the expansion

Educational Licenses

We often get enquiries from teachers are lecturers about using this expansion pack in education. For this purpose we make available a 'site license' for the expansion which allows you to install it up to 40 students with a single purchase (site license for base game is required). the site license cost is $24.95. For larger quantities please email me. To purchase the site license click the link below.

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