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Democracy 3 patched to 1.08 (on windows)


Linux & mac updates are in progress, but for now…

Version 1.08
Bug Fixes-
Fixed broken interest rate code that allowed negative interest rates.
Fixed bug where the political compass only recorded the first 50 entries instead of the last.
Increased the top cost of national service from 80 to 1000.
Fixed issue where consumer rights affected self employed group twice.
Effect of GDP on environment increased and made non linear.
Effect of science funding on technology made slower.
Effect of technology colleges and grants on technology made slower.
Carbon tax hurts GDP more and the effect is now non linear.
Global Economy now affects oil demand.
Immigration now affects state housing cost.
Effects of state health service,schools,pensions and housing on socialist membership all reduced.
Effect of foreign aid and legal aid on socialist happiness reduced.
Disability Benefit now upsets capitalists less and reduces inequality less.
UK now starts later in the global economic cycle.
Removed some redundant effects that boosted technological advantage too much.
Effect of recycling on environmentalists reduced.
Effect of pollution controls on environmentalists reduced.
Productivity can now raise or lower unemployment.
New Content:
Support for new system of player-overrides that take effect globally.
Support for mods to have global overrides.
Added new simulation value of Currency Strength.
Minister loyalties now get a slight boost after each re-election.
New option to have randomised mission start values in the options screen.


13 thoughts on Democracy 3 patched to 1.08 (on windows)

  1. Hi!

    Democracy 3 is a great game and I enjoy it a lot.
    But trying to introduce it to a couple of friends revealed a problem:

    The positive and negative colors are exactly so that red-green colorblindness can’t differentiate between them.
    I looked in the modding files but couldn’t find a place that these colors can be adjusted.
    Can they? if so – where? if not – can you make them adjustable?

  2. Hey loving the game,

    Just a couple points I think need to be addressed –
    revenue: Surplus generates money, via investments ect. This is true for the government. I know you game generated debt rates (just lost a game because of that) but if I am two trillion euro’s in the bank that should be generating capital.

    This is my mind is the “germany” strategy, offering loans ect, off of there extremely good economy letting the government generate money in alternative ways.

    Also: any reason there isnt a War Measures act for Canada? Or a patriot act for america? Would be nice to be able to pass some emergency legislation that fights assassination attempts.

    1. Well there should be drawbacks to having a sovereign account balance. Like reduce foreign relation, or reduce to poor, socialist support since they will demand u to spent it now. And the rate of return shouldn’t be higher than the AAA interest rate.

  3. Its true that logically there should be sovereign wealth income, but the trouble is this does lead to a bit of a virtuous circle that makes it too easy once you get to that point, so it is a bit of a trade off between accuracy and gameplay fun there.

    There are a number of ‘police-state’ style measures designed to appeal to people preventing terrorism, such as detention without trial, which I think hints at similar measures to the patriot act etc.

    1. The problem is a lot of those take 50 capital to enact, that’s hard to do while being assassinated. Perhaps they should be cheaper to enact if some group tried to assassinate you?

      As for money: Sovereign wealth income would be effected by crashes too though right? It would also generate more capital to be dumped into military ect. Maybe wars should be added to Dilemmas?

      Anyways, Wonderful game dude, love it! It’s strangely compelling, in a similar manner to buying new GSB DLC… Are you mind controlling us? O.o

  4. I just found this game and really want to buy it but I’m running a macbook air 1.8 intel core i7 processor and the game says needs a minimum processor speed of 2 ; is it playable on the air ?

  5. It will probably be fine, 2 gig is just a random guess, if you ask on the forums, there might be someone there playing it on the same laptop.

  6. When it tried installing it just said error. It didn’t download the patch, I think because of a mod I installed wrong. How do I fix it?

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