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4 thoughts on Democracy 3 development blog video

  1. Looks really good UI wise. Can’t wait to play! I hope you will push for a modding friendly build? I mean, just imagine “Democracy: Rome” for example ;)

    One question, why is Tobacco Tax affecting everyone? Do you take into account that only 50% of everyone smokes and diminish the effect? I mean compared to a let’s say Water Tax or Bread Tax?

  2. It does work as you would suspect, there is a new variable called ‘tobacco usage’ and the lower that goes, the lower stuff like tobacco tax matters, in terms of revenue or happiness/unhappiness. This is because smokers are no longer a distinct group.
    In this system, modders could theoretically add anything they liked, so a new variable of ‘pasty consumption’ could be affected by a ‘pasty tax’, or whatever :D

  3. Hi, i’m a polish player. First version “Democracy” is published in Poland with polish language (full version added to “Play” 05/2006). Second edition is not published… I will play Democracy 3 and i hope that game will be released in Poland, but none not announced publish in Poland yet. Greetings

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