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Things adwords should change

Here is my wishlist for google adwords:

1) Hire some more people to approve image ads. They don’t need to be google engineers. Anyone who can click a mouse could do it.

2) Add the ability to copy image ads from one ad group and campaign to another without uploading them again. If I need a separate campaign for the UK, then I need to upload everything again. That’s madness, and makes 1) worse.

3) Allow the ability to have ads within a single campaign or ad group that are shown only to specific countries, ditto with kerywords. The word ‘obama’ isn’t as relevant in Birmingham as it is in new York. Creating a copycat campaign is overkill and pointless.

4) Allow us to edit the destination URL of an ad without re-uploading it.  That check is already automated so there is absolutely no excuse for not doing it.

5) Allow me to easily view which conversions were triggered by which ads or keywords. Right now I can just see ‘conversions’ as opposed to an easy break-down by type.

6) under networks, allow me to set up groups of target sites which I manage individually. I’m only allowed ‘managed’ and then ‘everyone else’. I’d much rather be able to set up groups of sites, especially ones I could then transfer to another campaign with just one mouse click.

and now the big one

7) Allow us to set a spending cap for a campaign and stop it when it runs out. Come on, this isn’t rocket science and everyone using adwords thinks your ‘adwords is designed for ongoing ads’ is bullshit. If we want a fixed budget for a certain ad, you, the ad provider should let us do that. It’s a cynical and cheap ploy to get us to accidentally overspend, and it’s infuriating and silly.

That’s about it for now :D

2 thoughts on Things adwords should change

  1. Well, I know that facebook is quite flexible with these kinds of features. Unfortunately fb advertising is probably more effective for a local shop type business unless you want to spend absolutely lavishly.

  2. One particular positive feature of Facebook, is being able to target particular populations, by creating, maintaining and growing your own a fan groups, “like” populations, or suitable “interest” groups; you can advertise to that known market directly and relatively inexpensively.

    Segmenting populations on a world-wide basis without the advantage of such “like”, “interest” or fan groups is a little harder.

    And figuring out out to find “new” people, that’s no different than growing the non-facebook fanbase.

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