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Updating The GSB website

I just did a minor update of the GSB website:
Please feel free to vote it up on stumbleupon if you have such a thing.
The original page was completely placeholder and had screenshots of crappy spaceships I had designed, alongside some very early particle effects and shield/laser effects. Plus there were no screenshots at all of the non-battle screens in the game.
The new screens are still small, but they give a more up-to-date flavour of the game. Plus I’ve put in the proper GSB logo, and a bit of blurb that I knocked up temporarily to explain what I’m getting at.

Obviously as I get closer to release (still many months off) I’ll add videos, proper screenshots, faqs etc.
I’m quite pleased with how even this one-page site looks though. Iv’e finally got a game that is coming together which will actually look nice in screenshots, and hopefully that will get people to try the demo (which is the major hurdle for an indie developer).
Feedback welcome!

6 thoughts on Updating The GSB website

  1. looks great.

    (for the logo I’d use a few more varied ships / views of ships, but i’m sure it will evolve a bit ).

  2. I’m not sure why it’s doing that. it might be the line that stops it showing the re-direct page from the domain registrar to google. I’ll investigate. (It’s certainly not by design).

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