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Positech homepage mobile re-design

I don’t sell mobile games, and I don’t play mobile games, but like it or not, most people spend most of their time on their mobiles now, not a desktop PC< which is the target market for my games.

With that in mind, it makes sense for my website to not look a total and utter train-wreck on mobile. Historically, it has always done so. I have redesigned the homepage today so it serves a slimmed down version for mobile which looks basic, but not a total usability nightmare:

This is the ONLY page with that redesign, so clicking on any game will quickly ruin the experience, but that is surely a project for another time, when I am less busy with Democracy 4 updates. FWIW, the desktop website has a different, more appropriate layout:

I used to do some fancy responsive design that filled up all that black space, but currently I am not doing so. At some point I will likely do a complete redesign of everything.

Positech has enough games now that it can really be laid out more like a traditional store such as GoG or epic, with a consistent theme across each game, but to do so would mean re-arranging a ton of content, as each game has a FAQ, some modding information, a buy page, and maybe pages for DLC or for educational purposes (site licenses). TBH some of the real old games like redshirt or Democracy 2 just don’t sell enough copies to really care too much about how modern their sites are…

In other news I have a big update on the solar farm likely happening this week, so lots to write about soon :D.