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Updated Democracy 4 to build 1.24

Here are all the exciting changes!

1) Improved new game debt slider so it always defaults to the middle and allows zero or doubling the debt.
2) Added Tobacco Awareness Campaign to the Canada, Australia and Spain missions.
3) Cynicism has a stronger effect now.
4) Added a link between inequality (low equality) and violent crime.
5) Added a link between average temperature and violent crime.
6) Edits to South Korea Mission: President not Prime Minister, Removed Royal Family, Added State Broadcaster.
7) Fixed bug where the North Korea threat could we warned about to any country!
8) New Australia-specific dilemma: Mining on aboriginal lands.
9) Australia gets a default energy industry boost, and some other values have been tweaked.
10) Australia now has stronger impacts on CO2 from renewable energy due to good solar power potential.
11) Fixed bug where the financial cost of situations never seemed to change.
12) France and Germany now have an EU Contribution situation that costs money, Spain has EU Subsidy situation as income.
13) Added EU Monetary policy to France, Germany and Spain. Effectively uncancellable Quantitative Easing.
14) Members of the EU can no longer impose capital controls.
15) Optimizations to startup, and general UI.
16) EU countries now have a 4x multiplier to the political capital required to change immigration / tariff rules, due to needing EU agreement.
17) The US now has custom names for ministers (like sec of state etc…)
18) The US now has reduced anger at handgun laws from parents, reduced anger at armed police from liberals, and higher default racial tension due to it’s history.
19) UK now has a monarchy situation.
20) Added Nuclear Weapons policy.
21) Fixed tooltips on customise mission screen, and we now hide 3rd party details if not enabled.
22) Fixed bug where start of new game added one turn’s deficit to the debt.
23) Increased Canadian government debt to the correct (much higher) figure.
24) Private Prisons now also reduce the severity of prison overcrowding.

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