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5 thoughts on Democracy 4:Ministerial Icons

  1. Great decision regarding minister positioning!
    Will political power cost scale with the intensity of the policy change? For example, raising the income tax by one percent probably shouldn’t cost the same as raising it to 90 percent…
    And regarding the nationalization policies, how are they conceived? For example, public rail transport. Does it involve nationalizing existing private rail companies (with or even without compensation), creating new government-run ones or both? And what is your opinion regarding policies as preconditions for other policies? For example, after setting up a public rail company, you could decide how much you invest in it (if you’re in a pinch for money you could invest less but that leads to lower quality and public anger), how high the salaries of government employees should be (which was sorta kinda implemented in D3 Africa) and whether use is free at the point of use or not.
    Oh, and will those various policies regarding democracy, political power separation and dictatorship from D3 Africa be in the game?

  2. Look, I really like the design and new policies in Democracy 4 and I’m sure that under the hood many improvements will be made. But I miss new gameplay features (none are announced or shown or talked about yet) and I’m very scared that people will advice not to buy D4, as it looks like D3 updated, which despite a few outdated policies is very much up to date.

    The same happened to FIFA, Call of Duty, Tropico 5 and I’m scared that D4 heads in the same direction if people won’t find new game elements and mechanics. I’d like to see advanced diplomacy or a parliament and its problems or ministries with scandals. Not just pop-ups and sliders but actual new gameplay.

  3. Currently the plan is that the companies that get nationalized are compensated. i might find a way to add an option not to do so at some point.

  4. I know I put this in the last video as well but I think it is important. Political capital should not just be based on the ministers that you have. it should be mainly based on how big your election win was for example if only by 1% small political capital to simulate minority government and if the election is won by 10% big political capital to represent majority. I think ministers should still have an effect but maybe not by as much as they have had in democracy 3 as it was too easy to just reshuffle and pick ministers who give you the max political capital no matter how much you won the election by.

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