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New Democracy 4 blog video

I was only half awake when filming this, so I’m a bit confused sounding :D Busy busy…

4 thoughts on New Democracy 4 blog video

  1. Just a question, in the descriptions of the nations in Democracy 3, you don’t really have First Nations Australians or Americans or Canadians mentioned, yet they are the sovereign or at least traditional owners, of the land, and constitute an important part of those countries, would they be mentioned in Democracy 4? Also, are you redoing all the population stats and poverty percentages and ethnic minority percentages etc?

  2. I’m very happy to see a live demonstration of Democracy 4 and I’m excited for all the production videos to come!

    On population groups: I’m entirely with you on minorities. Important as their policies are in real life, this game mustn’t focus too much on social politics. Then we’re heading towards micro-management in a game that’s ought to represent an entire nation’s political system.

    Democracy 3 to me sometimes felt a bit like ’s Got Talent. The focus is on getting re-elected by making sure people don’t think too bad of me. And that feels limited and gets a bit boring.

    A massive improvement to Democracy 4 would be trade agreements, a European Union and NATO or elements like war abroad and terrorism in our country. For trade agreements: read through the plans. What are the financial gains? Is it worth a potential job loss? Is trade going to devalue quality but increase equality because more people can afford it? On war: are the people in Syria on their own with ISIS and Assad, or will we help them? What will that cost? What are the benefits if we manage to stabilise the region? What do we do with the coronavirus?

    It was to an extend included in Democracy 3 when entering a new term, but you click one bubble and you never hear back from it again and go back to the populism game again. I’d love to see a current events tab that have to be addressed and properly managed too, without any effect on the electorate but with effects on your country or the state of the world.

  3. Sorry, that was supposed to say *bracket* country *bracket*’s got talent, but the website filters brackets out. :)

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