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Donating 100% of Democracy 3 steam profits to charity this week

We are again supporting war child, who are running an ‘armistice bundle’, where Democracy 3 and its DLC is 20% off, and 100% of the developer share goes to the charity War Child, which takes care of children affected by war. Here is the link to the D3 store page:

Also a link to the war child bundle:

And finally to the charity page itself:

If you are able to share links to those, that would be awesome. I love the idea of doing an unambiguously ‘good thing’ and at the same time showing people that gamers are generous, and the games industry does care about violence, and suffering, and stuff other than memes and which console is best. I think stuff like this is really good for showing the positive side of gaming.

We supported the same charity last year and we raised $15,166.92 for the charity. it would be super awesome if we could beat that this time. if you want to know what moved me to support this charity, watch this video: