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Production Line blog#3: Upgrades, Layouts & Visual Style

Here is my latest fun-packed laugh-a-minute ‘you won’t believe what cliffski did next‘ videos with me showing off Production Line and talking about what is new:

I’m going to try to keep to weekly videos (at least) as I think its popular, and also I’m finding doing them really easy now I have a set workflow for it, and know all the productivity tips :D. I decided to do this one without wearing glasses, or shaving, just to give it an air of ‘danger’ and maybe even some ‘rugged masculinity’.

It amazes me what this ‘handbrake’ software does. it seems to leave the quality of an mp4 unchanged but shrinks it by 60%, just awesome. Of course, uploading even a 400MB file is still like Chinese water torture when you live where I do, but thats life. In fact, in exciting news I have been invited to a specials secret meeting of the village cabal to discuss broadband upgrade options. I wonder how my ‘for fucks sake lets just bite the bullet and dig up the whole fucking road and pay for it ourselves’ suggestion will go down? Probably badly, but OMG, a maximum upload speed of 80k is NOT fun when you are trying to carve out a reputation as a sexy young youtube personality.

Anyway…enough waffle. Unless you have been trying hard to ignore me, you will already know that we released Political Animals this week. Its a fun election strategy game featuring incredibly cute animals, who are far more corrupt, cunning and tricky than they at first appear. It was developed by Squeaky Wheel in the Phillipines, which is a studio I really cope can go on to do other games. It’s 10% off in launch week, so grab a copy now if you like that sort of thing. Here is the trailer:

2 thoughts on Production Line blog#3: Upgrades, Layouts & Visual Style

  1. Quick thoughts/Qs:
    * Can you split production to continue to make more than one model of car?
    * Have you been to a real car factory?
    * Are there ordering dependencies on the processes involved? (I’m sure some of the things you have can’t be done in the order they are done now).
    * I guess I’m also getting at asking how realistic you are going for?
    * I assume you will be supporting all electric too. i.e. battery packs, motors, etc. ;)

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi, yup I’ve been to a ford truck factory in Detroit!. Obviously I’m an electric car nut, so eventually I’d love to support those as well.
      And yup, there is a chain of dependencies, its just not reflected well in the GUI yet.

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