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Positech in Poland (And Big Pharma DLC)

Yes it’s true. Positech has some polish news. Oh yes. We have teamed up with CDP.PL to distribute polish copies of both Big Pharma and Democracy 3. Evidence can be found below (Actually boxed copies are AMAZEBALLS).


Coool huh? Plus CDP have done some amazing thing with democracy 3 that includes polish scenarios and other cool stuff. They have really gone the extra mile. Plus they have put up with my dumb ineptitude of having not coded the engine in unicode and all the HELL that has resulted from this mayhem… Here is a box with some stuff…


So yeah…I don’t normally work with retail publishers because some total bastards really screwed me over once and I am still annoyed about it, but CDP seem really cool. Also, as a result Democracy 3 on steam is now also available in polish. I know the way it all works is a mess, we will eventually fix this to be like Democracy 3 Africa with a simple drop-down box to select language but thats all in the future. And if you aren’t excited enough already, here is a youtube video with Tim talking about the incredibly cool new Big Pharma expansion pack thats coming VERY soon:

2 thoughts on Positech in Poland (And Big Pharma DLC)

  1. As a Pole I find it absolutely hilarious that CDP decided to rub even more salt in with their physical extras, considering the ongoing Constitutional Tribunal crisis/controversy practically split our nation in half. Great job, CDP!

    Just a heads-up, though; the far right conservatives probably won’t buy your game now. :v

  2. This is one of these moments, I am proud to be Polish XD done a great job in making one half of the country happy, and the other completely pissed off :D

    And thank you for giving them a chance to do so :)

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