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Rebooting (The golden age of simulations)

If you have read this blog for a long time you will know I own and run a site called It’s been around a while, and it’s a collaborative indie thing, that basically serves as a cool database of indie games you can buy direct from the developer. It’s essentially a bunch of screenshots, short descriptions and links. It’s NOT a portal, because it doesn’t sell anything. Every link takes you to a developers own site, and the owner (me) doesn’t skim a penny from anyone. It’s run by me because I like indie games and I like supporting indie developers.

Anyway, the problem with it, is there is little draw to it traffic wise. Some indie devs link to it, but not many. The problem is that the devs are all too busy making games to contribute any fresh content, and although I stuck some stuff up there in the past, interviews with some indies, some videos about upcoming games… I’m as busy as the next guy (probably MORE SO).


So I’ve bitten the bullet and accepted I should actually hire proper writer types to generate content for it!

This isn’t going to be another Rock Paper Shotgun. it’s not getting daily updates and won’t cover today’s gaming news. It will be feature-driven, not news-driven, but I hope it will prove interesting and worth a place on your bookmarks or under your tweet button.

The first article has just gone up on the site, courtesy of Dan Griliopoulos, talking about the Golden age of simulations, and you can read it right here, right now.

For the business minded asking why I am doing this, this is a long, long term hedge. There is no immediate profit from doing it, although obviously my own games are amongst the 100+ so far listed on the site.


7 thoughts on Rebooting (The golden age of simulations)

  1. Good idea, looking forward to reading more :)

    Couple of points though:
    the ‘home’ link does not appear to be correct, results in a 404.
    Also, the article does not show in the sites RSS feed :(

  2. Yeah, both items fixed, thanks

    though have just noticed the RSS icon in the article page is linking to a 404 as well (same relative link issue as the home link)

  3. I just updated the xml feed link on the article page, and also changed the css so it’s even more readable :D
    I’m the person to contact for submissions (cliff AT positech….)

  4. My two cents is that the url is rather long. I liked when Infinity project was at, but then they let that expire and moved to some and I can’t even remember the new address even though it’s the only project I’m interested in supporting at kickstarter when it launches there. Brilliant!

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