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Democracy 3 new artwork starting to appear

I haven’t implemented any final GUI stuff yet, although the placeholder stuff I already have is looking soooo much better than before, but one thing I do have is the graphics for the voter types. Most of the groups have not actually changed since the last game, but that’s no excuse not to refresh things with some new graphics. It is a new game, after all. Here are some of the new voters you are going to have to please…


9 thoughts on Democracy 3 new artwork starting to appear

  1. @Jinsky – it’s that they all look like 20-30 something skinny hipsters (clothes as well).

  2. What are the other two voter groups? I can see that the one on the right is a farmer, but the two others I can’t put my finger on it. If I had to guess it would bee patriots and poor people, but I don’t know

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