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Blog woes…of a minor kind, and trouble with RSS

So… I have better things to do then muck around with RSS, but it seems the gods of the internet do not want to hear that…. Anyway, there is a spanking new update to the positech games website coming (it may even be here as you read this…and the link is you might need to shift+refresh to see it). The site now includes blog snippets using RSS, which isn’t as easy as you’d think in 2013. With all this talk of going to mars, you’d think it would be something you could just plonk in an html tag like <rss> now, but oh noes…

You need to use javascript to do it, so there is a javascript plugin, which itself uses another plugin, which itself uses some library or other, and all of this has to connect to the third party service which is feedburner. Now that’s fine, because feedburner is free but… it’s owned by google who apparently have lost interest in fixing it’s many bugs (it doesn’t seem to want to update it’s grab of my feed at all today. yay! and the contact email link is dead. yay!).

More details:

I wish google would just be honest and tell people they are going to close a service, or maybe even charge for it, but to just let it fall apart is kinda shabby. It is is a blot on an otherwise reasonably productive day implementing the new homepage stuff.

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