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Deep Space Corruption

Soooo… there I am innocently watching an episode of star trek:deep space nine (I think it was called rapture), and ok, I’d had a single glass of wine…but…

There is this scene where kassidy yates, ex maquis supporter, and recently released from a six month prison sentence as a result, comes back to visit the station commander Captain Sisko, who is the ‘hero’ of the episode. She says she has nowhere to stay and he says ‘you can have your old quarters back, they are just as you left them. I have some pull with the station commander’.

What the hell?


So much for a wonderful utopian post-scarcity federation future. Why are the bajorans trusting these mobsters? One might reasonably assume that ideally the allocation of sleeping quarters on the most strategically (and quite possibly economically) important star bases in the galaxy would be taken very seriously, and allocated on a basis of need. But oh no. The station commander has reserved a suite for his ex-girlfriend and convicted terrorist.

Now replace ‘sisko’ with ‘berlusconi’ and ask how acceptable this sort of thing is. What next? the captain hosting bunga-bunga parties in the holosuites?

Something is rotten in the state of Bajor.

12 thoughts on Deep Space Corruption

  1. He commands a distant outpost in a time of war. His word is law.

    But is that one of the episodes where the station has been evacuated because the Jemhadar are about to attack and destroy everything?

    One thing that always makes me cringe is when someone calls O’Brien “sir.” He works for a living!

  2. Were those quarters a scarce resource?

    Maybe they were poorly insulated and next to a particularly noisy plasma conduit.

  3. They must be scarce. The station was built as a mining base, not accommodation, and suddenly in episode 1 it becomes massively more important as a gateway to an entire new quadrant. This is like the only hotel for a million miles around a major airport hub. I reckon quarters are scarce :D

  4. I was just watching this episode the other day and had a similar reaction when he mentioned he still had her quarters reserved.

    Strangely though, I don’t rankle as much at what he did to bring the Romulans into the war in 6×19 “In the Pale Moonlight” even though the transgressions are far worse.

  5. If you think Sisko’s actions in that episode are bad, wait until you see “In the Pale Moonlight”…

  6. true, but that was ‘dirty tricks to shorten the war’ not ‘fiddling the accommodation roster to ensure digs for his girlfriend.’.
    Besides, the pale moonlight episode is the best of all time :D

  7. You might call her a terrorist, but many Bajorans would privately call her a freedom fighter. Remember that Guy Fawkes has a day to remember him, but we don’t have one for King James I.

  8. “Guy Fawkes has a day to remember him”

    To remember that he was a Papist terrorist and enemy of the nation who’s treason was stopped when he was castrated, gutted, decapitated and fed to “the fowls of the air” – which might explain why Lon-don is full of fat pigeons …

    You don’t burn effigies of people you like.

  9. “Utopian” my ass

    Every Trek episode clearly highlighted that even though money wasn’t important, it was *still* all about *who* you knew

    Characters still had to be in the right spot at the right time to obtain the magical salve from Dr. Crusher…mmmmm Beverly

  10. Utopia = communism = government by criminals = resource allocation by power/party status for the minority and the gulag for everyone who doesn’t like it + propaganda films about how great and progressive it is and how everyone loves living in the science state of the future.

    You should try making a really political game and see if the controversy helps sales, cliffski. I’ll stand over here and watch.

  11. It has admittedly been a since I have seen this episode, but didn’t her “quarters” used to be with Sisko? Or was it on her ship, which she would presumably still own?

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