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Gratuitous Tank Battles Release Day! (please tweet!)

Yes it’s that day at last! Hurrah! Grab your tommy gun and climb out of that trench because it’s time to take the battle to the enemy and go grab yourself a copy of Gratuitous Tank Battles.

You can buy GTB direct from the developer (me!) here, or from…




If you buy direct, you will find details on how to grab your free steam code in the purchase email. If you pre-ordered and thus already have your copy, I’ll be emailing you details about grabbing your steam code. If you know a friend who wants the game, you can get a second copy direct at 50% off.

Even though the game is now officially released, there will be updates, patches and improvements. I’m already working my way through tests of the first post-release patch, which concentrates on mod support for the game. I want the mod support to be ‘at least’ as good as the Gratuitous Space Battles modding, which was incredibly popular.

If you took part in the beta, you will notice today marks the release of the 1.008 patch, which is the first full release build of the game. The game can take up to 24 hours to trigger an update check and grab the latest version, but the differences between 1.007 and 1.008 are not huge.

To any hugely influential games journalists who have been holding off on covering the game until release date, please contact me at

And anyone who can find space in their hearts to tweet, blog or facebook like or other trendy social things, to ensure a few more people out there know about the game, it is all very much appreciated. Thankyou!


9 thoughts on Gratuitous Tank Battles Release Day! (please tweet!)

  1. Is there a Linux version in the works? I’d really like to get this on Desura.

  2. It’s on sale for £13.49 on steam at the moment. One of the other sites has it on special – bet that’s got nothing to do with Cliff, though.

  3. Congratulations on getting this one out the door, looks great :) A little tight in the pocketbook right now, but will pick this one up next month.

  4. I have been waiting for a steam version! I will still buy direct because of getting a steam code, but it will give you more of a cut!

  5. Cliff,
    u want to try EA origins as well, there is a 90 days free distribution, perhaps it will helps?

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for including a Steam code, I don’t care if Steam has the game on sale or not, I’d much rather buy it direct from you. Thanks!

  7. Hey Cliff,

    Bought this game on Steam, having never played GSB. Having also, never played a tower defense game.. except for something from maybe… the arcade days of the late 80s.. Saw a review somewhere (think it was a steam user review) saying it was the best T-D game ever and highly customization and that sold me. Price was right there too.. I was weighing spending money on D3 or ME3 or MP3… bought this instead. Kills tons of time for me on the night shift.

    Thanks for a great game !

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