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Gratuitous Tank Battles Available for pre-order/Beta NOW!

Ok, so it’s finally here!

Gratuitous Tank Battles, my latest  game, is finally open for pre-orders, and everyone who pre-orders the game gets an immediate download link for the current beta build of the game. Essentially it’s for sale now, you can just expect it to be updated a few times before I declare it finally released!

If you aren’t sure what game I’m on about allow me to show you the beta-release video trailer!:

If you like that trailer, please,please vote it up, or tweet it or +1 it, or whatever the cool kids do these days. Feel free to tattoo ‘I Love Gratuitous Tank Battles’ On your head and run through the streets. Or failing that, just tell some friends about the game :D.

Currently the game is only available to buy direct from little-old-me, but phear not. You get a download link that should last forever (email me if it ever dies), and as a special 2012 bonus, you will get steam-keys when the game is released on steam later on (when it’s out of beta). I have no doubt it will be released on other portals too.

Get it here:

Be aware that this is a BETA game. That means not 100% polished, not 100% balanced, not 100% optimised. It *may* have some technical issues on some PC’s (although I suspect not), and it may need some balancing and gameplay tweaking before final release. If you are wary of buying beta games, then just enjoy the video and wait a while :D.

Whatever your thoughts, share them here in the comments, or at the GTB forums over at:

This game feels like its taken a billion lines of code and a hundred years to make. I am so badly in need of a day off. Hopefully, people will like it, and it will have been worth it. Enjoy!

22 thoughts on Gratuitous Tank Battles Available for pre-order/Beta NOW!

  1. I have been waiting for this for a while, and am very much looking forward to playing/giving feedback. Bought, and currently downloading. The Steam key thing is nice as well, I appreciate that.

  2. Congratulations on getting to the finish line, it’s been really interesting following the development of this game on your blog. Bought.

  3. On the checkout site it says: “Also buy Gratuitous Tank Battles as a gift for a friend for 50% off!”
    This would be really cool, but when I click on the link I end up with two full price copies… So how is this supposed to work?

  4. Congratulations, this really looks like your best game ever. I wish you best of luck with it.

  5. Unfortunately it’s windows only. I’d buy it immediately if available for Mac.

  6. Bought, ranked up a few battles last night really like it, love that the map looks like a battle has been fought at the end. imho this is going to have way deeper stratigy than gsb. One thing i would love as defender is not being able to build anywhere once the battle had started. but rather when i lose ground i lose the ability to build behind the attacking forces. imho it would add nicely to the desperation of the defender. Still top game well worth the £ many a hour will be spent here.

  7. :) Just bought, will be downloading in a few minutes. :) Good Luck Cliff! It looks very cool, am hoping its a hit for you!

    Take care,

  8. I feel like the brave preorder guys who are helping you beta test should get a $1-2 discount or some preorder bonus or something.

    The video trailer is pretty convincing but I am waiting for the demo. Is there an ETA on a demo?

    It looks like you can order your troops during the battle to some extent but it isn’t very clear. When I showed GSB to my friends the biggest complaint was that you couldn’t do anything during the battle and that sucked so if that has changed it should be great.

  9. yes there is in-battle control to the extent of placing units, deconstructing units and setting preferred paths and targets for units.

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