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Latest GTB video, very close to beta now.

Here is the latest video showing a few battle clips. I think I am almost at the finish line regarding beta + pre orders now. Just a lot of housekeeping to do in the next few weeks, for stuff like crash testing, multi resolution support, and finalising the installer. I intend a slightly better installer this time, so people can’t get into a muddle with where the game is installed any more.

Anyway… here it is:

13 thoughts on Latest GTB video, very close to beta now.

  1. Looking great, I’m looking forward to playing it. The spent shell casings spewing from the autocannon turrets looks odd though, they look to be coming from halfway down the barrel. It’s a lovely effect, but wouldn’t they come from the breach?

  2. It’s trivial to move them. I wasn’t really sure where would look right, it’s not like the weapons are real world models. I’ll shift them further back from the firing position.

  3. Looks good but the shells from those machineguns/autocannons should come way more at the back of the barrel because that way it shows the guns are using the whole barrel length.

    Using long barrels in guns gives some benefits and that’s why they are always wanted. Having one gives: Higher muzzle velocity meaning that the bullet will fly farther, straighter and penetrate better. Thus making the guns more accurate and perform better.

  4. Do what dungeon defenders does and open up a menu game start. Then you display the directory name on the splash and have a button to copy it to clipboard/open the directory under a config/more button.

  5. Pure awesome!

    At the start of the video, when you select the mechs, it looks as if their FOV is tied to the direction their lower part (feet) are pointing, not the upper part with the cockpit and guns. Seemed a bit weird.

  6. Oh yeah and I like the new shield effects. They look nice and I like the way how you added more detail to the night vision. Now it really looks cool (but could you check that flickering which is happening at the end of the video. It may not feels so good when you switch the night vision on and off and every time it flickers.)

  7. You know, for a game called “Gratuitous Tank Battles”, that trailer sure didn’t have many tanks.

    Also, please release the beta, soon! Please!

  8. Amazing snow effects and troop “swarm” movement.. the more I watch this the more detail I see.

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