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New Battle screenshot for Gratuitous Tank Battles

I thought it about time I posted a new full size screenshot now most of the UI is done. I’ll be back on gameplay / battle / balance stuff now. Here is a clickable (to full size) image showing a fairly laid-back minimal nighttime battle, mostly to show the current GUI more than anything else.

Proper battles will likely be more frantic, and videos are needed to really do it all justice. Lots of fun ahead :D Criticisms and feedback / suggestions are most welcome. I stuck this image on the GTB placeholder site too.


I should probably also remind everyone that the Gratuitous Space Battles parasites expansion pack is now available from my site too…

Here is a video of them…

4 thoughts on New Battle screenshot for Gratuitous Tank Battles

  1. Gawd, it looks great. But i am a bit cautious about the playability in the shadows, i only hope the gameplay will be great even if u cant see anything :p

  2. What Christian said. Can’t wait to see this in motion. This is a day one buy for me. :-)

    So is Christian’s game by the way :-)

  3. Hey Cliff,
    Will it be possible this time, unlike GSB, to replay (as a movie) the battle to check more carefully what worked and what went wrong ? (for example, what the heck happened at the other side of the map while I was zooming on that extra cool Mech ?)

    Because, really, I felt that it was a feature missing pretty badly to GSB…

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