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Some of todays achievements!

An edited list of stuff I checked off my list today:

  1. Added the ‘100,000 copies sold’ text to the GSB website.
  2. Implemented the new menu/GUI (non-battle) music for GTB.
  3. Carried out a major rethink and rebalancing of the way weapons work in GTB, with some research, and a lot of code changes.
  4. Changed the way the AI accrues supplies in ‘classic’ TD mode. It now gets them over time just like the player.
  5. Implemented new green grassy textures.
  6. Checked the performance of the new AI code.
  7. Changed all weapons so there are more shots, doing less damage per shot, and longer durations for beam lasers.
  8. Added a new, obvious drop-unit effect to show when the AI has placed a new turret.
  9. Made fog of war an option, at least for me when I’m debugging, and probably for singleplayer too.
  10. Fixed bug where the AI kept trying to put new troops on top of existing ones in a trench.
  11. Fixed bug where the AI never replaced destroyed turrets.
  12. Managed to not get sidetracked into finishing off the ships for the GSB ‘parasites’ expansion :D

Not bad for the first day back after holidays.  I also riskily (some might say) threw some of my savings at the stock market buying shares in renishaw, a company I’ve bought and sold before, whose profits just jumped, and yet the share price dived 10%. That looked like a buying opportunity to my eyes. Fun fun…



9 thoughts on Some of todays achievements!

  1. Congratulations on these awesome sales stats Cliff. I am so pleased for you, and at the same time it is a huge motivation to us wannabees. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  2. Well done, Cliff! Quality does indeed win out.

    Impressive…..*most* impressive.

  3. Please get sidetracked into finishing off the ships for the GSB ‘parasites’ expansion ;)

  4. Cool, a new GSB-expansion? Hehe, I think I’ll get it. But please, give it at least one scenario. It was bad that Nomads had no offline single player scenario (although the modding community fixed this).

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