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Yesterady I bought AQTime. It’s $600. That ain’t cheap. It’s profiling software, so basically its something that helps me write faster code. I’ve used it before, and it’s extremely good. I hope I can make my new game faster and smaller-memory-footprint than GSB by using it.

Already I’ve found out that some code that I thought was fast (searchlights) is in fact scarily slow. What’s more, I know the exact lines of code that cause the problem and it’s likely easily fixed. yay!

Plus fog of war code is done and dusted. Double yay.

I hope to have some interesting screenshots to show off in a few weeks. I’ve done the flashy graphics stuff before the gameplay balancing and level design, which means early screenshots of GTB will look nicer than the frankly awful early GSB ones :D

Also… there was a fox in the field opposite the house yesterday. It seemed to be just prowling about, midday, in the sun. Who needs springwatch when you have a fox? :D

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  1. Knowing the exact line of code who bottleneck your runtime is indeed a pretty darn nice thing to know ;p

    GTB? Have I missed a blog post which announced your new game’s title? O_O’ Is it Gratuitous Terran Battle?? I wish it is :) :)!

    Looking forward to see thoses screenshots, but isn’t it dangerous to do some work on the graphics, when the gameplay is not setup? Wouldn’t it be better to prototype and reprototype the gameplay with ugly programmer art until it feels right, then move on the the graphic polishing? Or maybe you are already there! :)

    *hand slap to Cliff!*

  2. GTB? ;)

    There was a screenshot of a Tiger I gun mantlet ring not too long ago.

    Refferences to possibly WW2ish stuff.

    Could this mean….. Gratuitous Tank Battles? :O

  3. My vote was on Gratuitous Tank Battles from the start. Maybe Cliff will come out with something wildly different though. Garry The Bear maybe, a motivational kids’ game about a bear’s struggle to be accepted in a school for lions. Possibly Gorgeous Teen Bobsledding, a winter olympics based game about a young team of bobsledders with quite unrealistic attributes. Who knows.

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