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Winter Bundle

Before I became ‘the Gratuitous Space Battles guy’. I made other games. They aren’t as good as GSB, I know that, but they aren’t bad*. I did newer versions of two of them (Kudos and Democracy).  Some of them may not run on some newer video cards or O/S versions, but they all have demos.

I mention this because I’m bundling Kudos, Democracy, Starship Tycoon, Planetary Defence and Rock Legend together for $5.99, which is very cheap.

Get it here, and enjoy.

*I have made some bad games, which I don’t even link to on my site. Everyone has to start somewhere :D I’ll be talking about this more in a few days, when I talk about GAME FOUR, and why that is the games working title.

In other news, there is a mouse loose ‘somewhere’ in the living room. I am in a 1950s sitcom.

9 thoughts on Winter Bundle

  1. Hi! I just bought it, great bundle! What’s not entirely clear though, is that you (seem to) get Kudos 1 and democracy 1, while the links to their websites prominently feature number 2. Slight disappointment, but still great bundle.

  2. Awesome deal, and I bought it, mostly for the trading game and out of curiosity about Kudos. Thanks Cliff.

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  4. benn trying to get the bundle but when I click place secure order it gives me a paypal error that it couldn’t be completed…tried 4 times….please help / fix



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