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Penny Arcade Traffic

In case you missed it, GSB got mentioned on penny-arcade, which was awesome. It also brings in some decent web traffic, and I reckon generated about 100 sales (no way to be 100% sure). This is all very welcome indeed, it helps feed jack and jadzia, and as an afterthought, me. Here is the blatant stats-porn: (filtered by penny-arcade as a referrer, so the graph spike isn’t relative to my normal traffic!)

I’m working on more interesting spatial anomalies for the game today, and tomorrow (at least) That will involve rejigging some fleets, some balancing etc.

7 thoughts on Penny Arcade Traffic

  1. Glad to hear it cliff! must’ve been on the PA forums or something… props to that guy who posted it.

    I know we’re always talking about it on Stardock’s IRC.

  2. It was a mention on the main site by tycho as I recall. I haven’t seen GSB mentioned in the PA forums.

  3. Nice stat-porn :-)
    Getting mentioned on a site like that is always good.

    I’m horribly addicted to Google Analytics, there’s just so many graphs and stats to look at! ;-)

    I do wonder how many of that PA spike actually stuck around.
    It’s like with social bookmarking sites, I’ve had great immediate success with reddit and the like but over time they don’t appear to have made much difference.

    I suspect they’re so used to looking at a lot of websites and news that they come, look and forget about it immediately.


  4. Hi Cliff, I’m an analytics whore myself,

    there is definitely a way to track sales through GA. just set up a “goal page” (like, “thanks for buying this game.php” and then set up a goal in analytics)

    it’ll track exactly where that goal came from, (and where they clicked and stuff)

    Basically Google are my new masters.

  5. I was made aware of GSB and pre-purchased my copy off the back of the PA link.


  6. Just to help you in your statistics- I’m at least one of the sales because of the PA post. I’m not even sure why, it was a total random spur-of-the-moment impulse buy. Fun game, though. :D

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