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New video at last

I bought some proper editing software for videos (Sony Vegas Movie studio only £40) and spent all of today learning it and getting this made:

Let me know what you think so far.


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  1. Neat! I especially liked seeing the screens other than the actual battles — much better sense of how the game will play.

  2. Wow, really, really nice. Looking forward to it.

    BTW, you didn’t answer before: when would “soon” (from “coming soon”) be? 1 month from now? More?

  3. niiiice.

    I’ve done a little work on video editing in my time, Vegas is excellent.

  4. Knowing the luck I have when waiting for games, soon means the day after starcraft ghost comes out. XD

  5. It looks sharp, and does whet my appetite for the game.

    I do note that it looks like ships flash red when they take damage. It’s jarring compared with the “realistic” look of the rest of the fight. Is the red flash expected for the final game? Can that same information be conveyed in a more in-world way?

  6. Cliffski, You have really outdone yourself with this game. If the upload multiplayer feature works as well as I hope, you will have yourself a real winner here. What is your price point for this game going to be?

  7. @Russell: Not really an action title, other then the fact it plays in real-time.

    Great work Cliff, solid skill & hard work becoming an awesome looking game. No question, I will be buying it on the day of release.

    You should stick a web-cam on a shelf, and upload a video of a typical work day at x10 speed, to the tune of yakety sax. I’m sure the rest of us indie game designers would like to see your office and work methods, if only as a quick look.

  8. Nice this game looks better with each passing day cant wait to play!

    When will the game be released?

  9. Looks really amazing at the moment. However, I agree with Alan that the red flashing does make the ships look really wierd and out of place. Could we have an option to turn it off?

  10. I’ve already started thinking about a better solution than the red flashing. It’s a bit over-done in that video anyway, because those ships are heavily armoured and under attack from weapons that can’t penetrate the armour.
    I’m working on it now :D

  11. Wow, looks really good and professional.

    I may have to look into buying myself a copy

    Nicely done, Cliff. :-D

  12. wow Cliff – looking fantastic – I like the in-game screens as well. The battles just look frantic and fantastic – if I could ask a possible stupid question – is the game fun to play?

  13. Wow, looks fantastic man! The sound effects, camera-shake, everything just adds up to what looks like like it will be a great experience. Can’t wait to try it!

  14. Huh, I thought that parts of the ship would fall off with all those explosions.
    I mean, having 2/3 of a ship, fighting 45/67 of another ship would look glorious, and a tad bit funny.

  15. Amazing! I have to admit when you first siad you were doing a sci-fi project I was very “eh”. But when I saw this video I became very pumped for the game. I’m a huge fan of tower defense and I love the cinematic space battles. Reminded me of aerial views from the new Star Trek. Lovin’ it

  16. Ah, very nice! Some really great shots towards the end. . and I love the screen shake. Also the designing of the fleets looks like it won’t be overcomplicated either, but’ll still have enough power to be customizable etc . . The fighters look graceful, and the beam coming out of the capitol ships track them nicely! I have to admit GSB originally didnt sound like my type of game, but after seeing the clips, I’m a lot more excited.

  17. YOU BASTARD HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH A GREAT GAME AND NOT RELEASE IT SOONER!? In all seriousness though, great looking game, mate. I wish you good luck on this project. And please, release it soon x] I’m a pirate kinda guy but if you release it on PC, I will definite pay for it. Good work x] THIS GAME LOOKS EPIC

  18. Hey Cliff – long time no see.

    Just caught the link from Joystick, realised it was your Positech games and got really impressed :)

    Looks like just my kind of thing


  19. do want…. NOW gimme gimme… nah finish it and polish it than gimme gimme…

  20. Cliff, have you thought about putting in voices for nondescript characters communicating to each other, like calls for help, or captains yelling to fire their cannons, or a ship’s computer indicating that there’s a breach in the hull, to add to the intensity of the battles?

  21. If it cost you 40GBP and one day’s work, does that mean you’ll release it to us for 50p a copy? Please?

  22. This looks great! I love games like this.

    I hope there will be some fleet chatter or something, that’d make the battle a little more immersive.

    Also, please give customization options extending to how the ships arrive on the battlefield (such as Star Wars-type warp, Star Trek-type warp, Homeworld-type, BattleStar Galactica-type, etc.)

    I look forward to buying (and getting involved in) Gratuitous Space Battles!

  23. man… i would love this on the 360…. massive battles from the comfort of my couch and huge tv… but its on pc :/ …. so oh well. My pc is much more powerful than a 360 or ps3… but i’d just rather play this game on my HDTV :/

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