I think it’s about time to show people where I am in terms of how the battles look in GSB, although lately I’ve been working on website-integration stuff rather than the battle scenes themselves. This short video gives you a  general impression of how some of the larger scale battles look. You can also see the bits where I play about with the playback time, which is great fun.

Although GSB is really a game about strategy and planning, I know people will judge it at a first impression from how the battle scenes look, which is pretty inevitable, so I’m very open to any suggestions or criticism. The pre-battle configuration and ship-design screens are still a work in progress so I won’t be showing video or screens of them for a while. Everything works, but the exact way in which the GUI will be arranged needs some fiddling, and all of the data is pretty placeholder, so I probably have some hugely unbalanced stuff in there right now.

I’m quite please with how it looks though. If you have a youtube account, please post a motivational comment for me :D

22 Responses to “New Gratuitous Space Battles video…”

  1. Nic B says:

    Well Done Cliff – looks awesome.

  2. viper34j says:

    OMG You read my last comment and acted on it! Or this is just a coincidence, either way I’m stoked!

    Unfortunately I can’t watch since I’m at work, but first thing when I get home I’ll watch it, comment on it, rate it, and then whore it out to everyone in my introWebz social network!

  3. Tim Callaghan says:

    Cliff, the game is looking great. While watching the video I realized your could probably create a second game from this engine (do you need more work), something along the lines of a current generation “Time Pilot” or “Raid on Bungling Bay”, but in space.

  4. cliffski says:

    yes to both comments. I was shamed into posting a newer vid, and there is scope for a second game offshooting from this one. I have grand plans :D

  5. mrstarware says:

    I think people should watch this video in it’s larger youtube size rather than the embed video. The small ships were really hard to see which really took away from the battles. Once I could see the small ships it looked A LOT better. I like the smoke, the white explosions, and the general look of the game. I think the lasers look alright, but the electronic sound should probably be replaced. Also if some low music could be added, or if users could insert their own that’d be very nice. If they could adjust the volume of their music to the game sounds that’d just be GRATUITOUS. :D

    One potential issue I noticed, was if the backgrounds are only or vastly planets then that make take away from the star battles. Maybe adding some space areas with some random “far away” type of stuff like stars could be good. Well Good luck!

  6. Novack says:

    Looks really Cool!

  7. Mart says:

    The sounds are incredible! Love the lasers and booming explosions!

  8. James says:

    I do believe you’ve discovered the holy grail of geekdom.
    I’m sold, can’t wait to play it. :)

  9. danimal says:

    The UI looks amateur, the rest looks awesome.

  10. L. Zoel says:

    simply glorious!

  11. David Koontz says:

    Apparently posting a GSB video breaks youtube! OH noes! I think everyone at Google is just too busy watching the video to notice.

  12. RedMarble says:


    IMHO projectiles and missiles are cooler and more fun than lasers …

  13. Keshtath says:

    If the demo plays as well as the video looks, consider a a copy of the game sold already. Awesome job, you inspire us with your single handed indie greatness.

  14. The Soviet Onion says:

    The ships seem very tightly packed together. What kind of range do you normally fight at in the game?

  15. Ben says:

    Any chance of making a screen saver out of this? Looks awesome.

  16. SpencerRuler says:

    Can I Beta test your game? PLEASE!?

  17. Bood_War says:

    o.o This. Is. Amazing. :D

  18. Philip Linde says:

    It looks great, but I think you might have to work a bit more on the laser sounds. The “piew piew” kind of sounds get quite annoying and repetitive after a couple of minutes.

    But as you said, it’s just placeholders so I may be telling you something you already know! :)

  19. mYstik says:

    To tell you the truth, this game was looking quite “meh” until I viewed it in High Quailty fullscreen. I’m still not bought, but I dont think this is a game meant for me. Will there be sort of plot or storyline in the game?

  20. majormauser says:

    This is looking great. You owe quite a bit of inspiration to BattleShips Forever though. But you have really taken it to the next level. One thing you need to get perfect is the impact and the damage models. I see that you are paying attention to this and its appreciated. How bout some kinetic weapons. Missile batteries, Cannons,Machine gun turrets? Can I make a small well armed & armored fast craft from scratch?

    Amazing stuff thanks.

  21. Rdoris says:

    Nice quark’s bar t-shirt. The game looks like shit though… joking.

  22. troy says:

    Sold !!
    just send me the preorder link