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A recent (censored) blog comment:

is your anti-3D rant cos you’re shit at it and can’t code it very well?
most of the time coders who knock 3D struggle with the maths, if that’s you just be honest and say so.

–> Actually I was top in my entire school for maths, took my maths O level* a year early and got an A, with a perfect 100% score in my mock exam, then did pure economics at the London School of Economics. I can do sums thanks

*before you were born.

clearly as you’re just a one-man-band you struggle to hold a candle to a big 3D development so you resort to knocking them.

–>Absolutely, my game plan is to try and bask in the candlelight of big 3D games, You caught me out kid.

“Game designers need to get over the 3D obsession and make more considered design decisions” – Translation: I’m crap at 3D, I can’t do it very well, 2D is about my limit. I’m going to try to pass of my inability as an “considered design decision” YES! That’s it! I’m not crap! I choose to be crap, it’s consideration. Excellent, that fooled them.

–> Yup, 2D is my mental limit. That’s why I make diner dash clones in Blitz Basic, not original simulation games based on neural networks. Again, well spotted!

is the expression “considered design decision” the self-important ramblings of pretentious cXXt? I think yes to all of these!

–> Maybe I am pretentious, but I’m not pointlessly abusive. I know which I’d rather be thanks…

I’m glad you get your games pirated you cXXt. The more they get seeded on torrents the better. Now fXXk off with your silly public polls and asking the public why they pirate your shit. I don’t know why anyone would want to pirate your games anyway, they’re all shit nobody’s heard of.

–> Someone REALLY needs to get laid.

Also, why do you advertize yourself as from “England” is that american friendly? Isn’t your country of origin Britain or the UK? What’s this “England” shit? You’ll be saying London, England next you prententious cXXt. fXXk off and die Cliff.

–> I was born in England. You may disagree, but judging by your ramblings, it was about twenty years before you were born, so I hardly think you have evidence to the contrary. BTW advertise is spelt with an ‘s’ here in ‘England’. Also, at least learn to spell pretentious, otherwise you look foolish.

I enjoyed that :D
EDIT: I’ve decided to post the retards later comments so people can see the shit I put up with just for trying to make indie strategy games and stop them being pirated. This is the mentality of the kiddies who are into ‘the warez community’. read and laugh. It amuses me to know none of them will ever get a decent job, because any employers with a brain cell would run a mile from employing people with such an abusive attitude combined with a sense of total entitlement for zero effort.

Enjoy *your* jobseekers allowance kiddies. My taxes pay for it. :D

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  1. Wow. I can’t believe someone took the time and trouble to actually write all that.

    I still don’t know what someone gets by flaming another. If I don’t like something, I couldn’t be bothered to tell it to “f*** off”. I’m too busy ignoring it myself. If he didn’t like your posts on your design notes, why didn’t he just don’t visit your site anymore? Instead, he had to rant and rave in your comments box (which you control), and letting you know his IP. Some people are really one of a kind.

    I hope people like that don’t deter you from posting more on your game creation process. I find it a fascinating read really.

  2. I have to second Mart – people’s attempts to tear down rational arguments with immature ranting is something that I just don’t get. They should either put forward a well thought out, legitimate position of their own, or step back and let someone more articulate have their say.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t let the haters get to you!

  3. Heh yeah I’ll second that Yacine!
    It’s got to be a sure sign of success when you start getting blatantly jealous detractors like that! :-D

  4. about this comment you made recently cliffy you big turd:

    “but I just thought it worth noting that at the same time that the USA gets it’s first ever black president, there is a constant revolution going on amongst people doing ‘virtual’ work, where what color you are not only doesn’t matter, it’s’ not even information your employer will ever have unless you want them to.”

    I’m glad that race and color don’t matter in the virtual world, your employment prospects should be thoroughly unhindered my your black’n’white look then.

    By the way, I’m flatterred that you’ve given me my own post!

    Hopefully you can get your mates to join in your fight, I’ve invited mine :)

  5. “That’s why I make diner dash clones in Blitz Basic, not original simulation games based on neural networks” said Cliffski getting a bit excited with himself…

    Neural networks are very easy to code but I like the way you try to pass them off as some big complex deal. There’s no end to your audacity.

    Like I said, you’re shit at 3D that’s why you try to fool all your friends that 2D is the next 3D. Good look with that half-baked shit!

  6. “Also, at least learn to spell pretentious, otherwise you look foolish.”

    When a guy resorts to criticizing your spelling you know you’ve won.

    Aww poor Cliffski having to desperately seek out my typos now because is argument has no substance poor little Cliffski, he tries so hard.

    Welldone Cliffski, you can have a gold star… now see if you get a gold star for 3D coding. Oops, sorry, raw nerve! lol

  7. Hey Cliffski, why don’t you twitter that you’re spending your own valuable time responding to a guy you don’t know online because he said you can’t code 3D – which we all know you can’t.

    Shouldn’t you be twittering about going to collect your Jobseeker’s Allowance?

  8. I’m confused by this attitude (and I’m going ageist and say that it’s something that younger people do) where you spend time commenting and trashing things you don’t like.

    Youtube is full of comments from people like that. Surely the one thing that the inferweb has to offer is choice. If you don’t like it go find something you do like.

  9. Cliffski, answer this question truthfully:

    Are you illegally claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance while making revenue from your online sales?

    Please be honest because that’s illegal and the people need to know if you are a benefit cheat or not.

  10. Why don’t you report me to the inland revenue, I welcome an investigation.
    Go for it kid.
    They always follow up anonymous tip-offs from warez fanboys. It’s their #1 priority.

  11. The comments this numpty has made make me laugh. I put it down to guilt issues. You can bet the lad has got copies of all your games on his hard drive (as is his god-given right) and has anger issues because you’ve got the nerve to criticise (i had to check that spelling) him for doing it.

    There’s always going to be people that take a pop – it’s a guilt thing. They’re ashamed to be stealing from you but they disguise their guilt with anger and indignity. They’re the ones with issues.

  12. one of the downsides of the net is that its just too easy to fire off crap to others. probably just a schoolkid, save your energies cliffski.

  13. Great post Cliff, you can really tell the age of someone on reflection, can’t you?

    I can remember being like this to a degree, well the pirating aspect at least, I don’t think I was ever proud of being an ass to others.

    Once ‘spen’ gets a job, and finds how valuable his time actually is, only then will there be a chance of him realising his ways.
    Only when his mind grows, and he realises graphics do not make a game, and that game play is what makes a game engrossing and memorable, will he have a hope of appreciating deeper games.

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