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Internet Trolls

“Yeah, you are such a brave man. I mean posting on a web forum! With an alias! Wow, that certainly takes HUGE balls. It couldn’t possibly be because you want to plug your poorly made site.

I will give you one thing, you certainly have no shame (or maybe you’re just completely out of touch with the gaming world). You are willing to let people know that you produced those “games” that all consist of graphs and bar charts. Nobody would waste time to pirate your crap, let alone purchase them when they could have just as much “fun” making Excel spreadsheets or watching paint dry.”

People get really wound up on slashdot don’t they? Anyone who isn’t a signed up member of the pirate party who has a ‘F**K the RIAA’ T-shirt and thinks that Richard Stallman is the new messiah is REALLY yelled at.

It never ceases to amazes me the level of casual aggression, insults and abuse that passes for normal on the internet. Kids grow up thinking this is how people should discuss things. It really is not, and will not get you very far.

My first job was as a boatbuilder and bridgebuilder. Everyone was pretty fit, and we worked with chisels, knives, hammers, hacksaws and even chainsaws. Occasionally you would be dangling over a river from ropes a co-worker had tied in place.

We were all VERY polite to each other. You learn not to be abusive to the guy next to you when you are all effectively armed to the teeth and working somewhere dangerous :D

5 thoughts on Internet Trolls

  1. I always offer to fly to people’s houses to let them say it to my face…

    it’s amazing when “The Internet as a Shield” gets removed, people are incredibly polite in person.

  2. Serious. There should be a service where you can immediately have someone drive to an internet troll’s house and have them beat the shit out of whoever it is. If a troll got the crap kicked out of them every time they were rude or insulting on the internet, it would become a really nice place. Who gives a shit if it’s a 14 year old kid, they still deserve to get punched in the face. A photo of them crying on the internet would cure everything.

  3. Some people are just total assholes. They should be publicly humiliated.
    One thing to remember, though, with these people is if they write anything personal about your character, etc., that it technically illegal (under UK law anyway) so if you were feeling especially pissed off by them you could probably ask the website admin to ban them for illegal activity.
    Lol. But usually it’s just best to ignore them (or maybe challenge them to make a game from scratch, themselves!).

  4. Haha I liked that Penny link.

    Seriously, those trolls are probably often insecure people that get beaten up or ridiculed in real life and use public forums to blow off some steam, so probably we should feel sorry for them =). However, being an ass can not be excused by insecurity.

    Hey, I like your games by the way Cliffski=)

    Maybe Internet trolls as a base is a good idea for your next game =)

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