Have I mentioned this yet? Democracy 2 is now out on the Mac.

BUY IT HERE or get the demo HERE

In other news, WTF is in my fingers? Acid? My keyboard is gradually losing it’s most used letters:

I suspect its my fingers. I managed to wear off all of the black coating on my guitars volume knob too:

3 Responses to “Destructive fingers and Democracy 2 MAC”

  1. HugoChavez says:

    Do you sweat excessively ? Sweat contains a lot of different minerals that usually harm/stain clothes or objects.

  2. Groove says:

    I have the same problem with my Ibanez. All the gunmetal black is wearing off leaving everything a silvery chrome colour. Will look OK when it’s all gone but right now just looks like a mess.

    You could just never turn your guitar down :)

  3. cliffski says:

    heh, mines an ibanez RG560, so maybe they just paint their controls badly :D