It’s popular amongst anti-copyright dorks to use the phrase ‘imaginary property’ when they are ranting about Intellectual property, usually as some juvenile method to rationalise pirating music, movies and games. Apparently, IP is just ‘imaginary property’, so why should they pay for it?

Lets make a deal, I’ll let you pay for my Imaginary property using that imaginary money in your bank account. Both exist purely as strings of numbers, agreed? But of course, if you don’t think that trivially copied strings of data have any value, please email me your sortcode, account number and bank login details. I’d like to ‘share’ your bank balance. Sharing is caring right?

2 Responses to “Imaginary Property!!!111111ONEONEONE”

  1. CountVlad says:

    HAHA!!! Great answer!!! It prettymuch sums it up.

  2. Joshua Smyth says:


    Sometimes people forget that there’s alot of stuff that only has value because we all agree that it does.