So! time to start talking about the next Positech_Games masterpiece…which will be Democracy 3 Africa! We have announced this already of course, but now most of the systems are in, and we are just tweaking and balancing and bug fixing, its time to give you the first look at the VERY UNBALANCED build we have right now. So enjoy the following video… and feel free to spread the word on twitter, facebook, and other websites owned by vast tax-avoiding multinationals :D

This is just the very first development video, I’m aiming to do a new one each week as the balance gets better and the bugs and glitches get fixed.

PLUS! We have revamped the website for D3:A to reflect the fact that we are closer to release. Why not check it out, or bookmark it, or both! (you MIGHT need to shift+refresh to see it).

One Response to “A First look at Democracy 3 Africa, and a revamped website…”

  1. Cakeperson says:

    Looking forward to this one.