Explosion Generator

As a side-effect of working on a shootemup game I have a small program that generates sprite animations of explosions. Because there aren't many easy ways to get textures like this if you aren't an artist (without stealing them from other games, which is wrong...) I thought I would do the decent thing and generate a few spare free textures that anyone can use, anywhere for anything, royalty free. If you are doing 2D or 3D games, you might find the texture 'pages' below helpfull in rendering explosions in your games. Click on the thumbnails for the 256 by 256 JPG files.

You might need a separate alpha channl for the sprites, in which case I recommend just taking the existing files, and switching them to grayscale and using that as an alpha channel.

BETTER STILL! You can download the program and configure lots of different variables to output your own unique texture pages of explosions here: DOWNLOAD ME! The readme.txt file explains how the program works, happy exploding!

If you like being given something for free, maybe you should check out my games (click the links below...)

Stupidly I have LOST my source code for the original generator (stupid dead hard drive!), So don't email me and ask for it. Sorry!

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