Ancient Empires Lux is the fantasically addictive strategic war game inspired by the classic board-game 'risk'. Ancient empires lux is the new version set in the ancient kingdoms. This game adds the idea of trade routes and cities to the normal game.
From Sumeria to Egypt, India to China, Greece to Rome, Ancient Empires Lux takes you on a comprehensive trip through early history. You can play as 58 different nations overall. Background information and links to full Wikipedia histories are included for each empire.

"Overall this was a great game. It's easily picked up and played for a few hours with a lot of options for replaying. Definitely worth the twenty bucks and the download. Besides, no one wants to arm wrestle me for my cards in Ancient Empires Lux."       - Strategy Informer

"The game's creators seem to have taken the historical context of each scenario seriously. Barbarian hordes hover on the outskirts of the map, waiting for the civilized empires to exhaust themselves before sweeping over the board."       - InsideMacGames

"The more land you control, the more armies you get, and the more powerful you become. With the ancient empires theme the game has a much more epic feel than the other installments in the Lux series. The interface is also a bit more polished than its predecessors. Too bad you can't play the Rome scenario right off the bat."       - JayIsgames

Four varying levels of difficulty provide a good challenge for newcomers and experienced Luxers alike. Beat the game on Emperor level and a special super-hard difficulty will unlock itself. The free Ancient Empires Lux demo is limited to the first three empires.
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This game is developed by a third party developer, not Positech Games. Copyright Positech Games 1997-2011