Pre-order and Alpha access
Production Line is NOT FINISHED. It is currently in an 'alpha' state, meaning many features are not yet developed. There is only placeholder sound effects, the GUI is also still being improved. Balancing is not complete. The content is not complete, nor is performance fully optimized. The game design may change over time. There is only a windows build. We cannot make any binding guarantee of anything in future, but we can assure anyone who buys the game now that they will get all future builds and final builds of the game as they are made available. Current builds are downloadable from the humble widget.

We currently have about 75,000 happy players.
The game is playable now, but we remind people to accept that this is an alpha build and only to pre-order if you are happy with that! Because its an early version of the game, we are selling copies at a discount to the final price. This price may rise over the course of steam early access. Not sure about buying? we have a bunch of youtube videos which show the latest state of the game, here are two of the recent ones:
We use the humble widget to accept direct sales of the game (you also get a steam key, and we earn the most money from this method):
Also currently in steam early-accesss:
And GoG
And Kartridge: