Now available for Apple Mac as well as PC Patches can be found HERE

Why Slough?

Slough is used slightly because its featured in the BBC comedy series 'the office' and slightly because I don't live that far from Slough. Also, some friends of mine do live there, and for some reason, setting a video game in slough amuses me. Almost all video game heroes start out in New York or Tokyo. Sloughs time has come

Is Kudos like the Sims?

Not really. Both games are 'life-sims', but the similarity really ends there. the Sims is a 'real-time' game which has a more arcadey feel to it. Kudos is much more strategic and abstract than the Sims. You don't need to worry about things like making sure you have enough food in the refrigerator or remembering to go to the bathroom. You *can* spend an evening in the bath if you want to relax though :D. Another big difference is that Kudos is a 2D game without an animated 3D 'avatar' like the Sims.

What's the aim of the game?

Aha tricky... What's the aim of life? It's up to you. The 'unofficial' score that the game keeps is 'Kudos', which is a measurement of social success, but the game won't end if your kudos nosedives. You can play the game with the aim of becoming wealthy, or highly educated, or popular, or just to see what happens. It's up to you. The game ends after 10 years and will tell you a summary of what you decided to do with your life.

Is this a dating sim?

No. You *can* fall in love in the game, go for romantic candlelit meals with your partner etc, but the game doesn't revolve around it. You can stay happily single if you like. However good your relationship is, they never move in, and you never get married or have kids. If you have a romantic partner with whom your relationship is good, your character feels happier, less lonely, and more confident, and confidence is a big deal in the game.

Does it have giant mechanical robots or machine guns in?


Is this similar in any way to that amazing 'Democracy' game you made?

I'm flattered. Yes...and no. It's as similar as it can be whilst one is a game of political strategy and one if a game about someone's life. Like Democracy, Kudos has quite a complex simulation model underneath it. Each choice you make has complex effects that take place over time, and you need to get a 'feel' for it as you play. It's also turn based, and designed by the same person. I reckon if you liked Democracy you will like Kudos. It also looks much nicer :D

When can I buy it?

Now. Right this second, quick, grab a credit card and click HERE. (Seriously, I really appreciate people buying the game, it encourages me to keep making original games) Buying the game direct from me online helps keep down costs, and cuts out those pesky middle men. It also means you can get to play it much quicker, as you can download the game the moment you have bought it.