Now available for Apple Mac as well as PC Patches can be found HERE

How do you mod / edit this game?

Kudos has been designed to be as simple to mod as possible. You can do all kinds of changes, from simple tweaks to some of the numbers that control how the game works, to adding new custom avatars and jobs to the game. A built in auto-update feature allows you to download new files directly from within the game from our website, and approved mods that are offered through that process will be credited to those who author them.

What can I edit to tweak the game?

I *strongly* recommend backing up any files before you change the, You can get in a horrible mess otherwise. One of the most interesting files to poke around at is called 'config.txt' in the games 'data' directory. There are tons of numbers here, and most of them are self explanatory. You can edit this file in any text editor.

How do I add a new avatar?

The avatars are the people images on the background that represent the player. It's quite easy to add new ones. Each avatar needs two files, a background, and a character profile, and they need to be specially named. You will find the default avatars in the 'data/bitmaps/avatars' subdirectory of your kudos directory. If you want, you can also add avatars to the MyDocuments/kudos/mods/avatars directory instead.

The background for each avatar is a 1024 by 592 pixel bitmap file in normal windows 'bmp' format. It's put together from a number of different 'layers'. To help people make their own backdrops, here are downloadable bitmaps to use in combining to make your own image in whatever paint software you prefer:

The left hand layer is at the bottom, followed by your new avatar at 81% opacity, then the grid image at 8% opacity, all merged into a single bitmap. I used Poser 6 as the software that made the avatar images, but you can use anything you like.

As well as having the background file, you need to generate the three images that show your avatar as neutral, happy or sad. The 3 images are taken from a single 'dds' file. DDS is a format that you can export from adobe photoshop or paintshop pro with the right plugin, which is freely available. The DDS file is 512 by 512 pixels, and split evenly into 3 invisible 'columns'. The left image is neutral, the center is happy, and the right is sad. Here's a thumbnail showing how it looks:

All you have to do with these files to get them to work in the game is give them the right name. A male avatar must start with "m_" and a female one with "f_" and they must have exactly the same name except the background ends with "_background"


How do I add new Jobs?

Each job can be added as a new text file in the MyDocuments/kudos/mods/jobs directory. If you have gone to the internet updates screen and downloaded everything, you will have at least one 'sample' job there already. You can name the files however you want, and edit and create them in any text editor (such as notepad, which comes free with windows). Here is a breakdown of the different entries in each file and what they do:

name This needs to be unique across all jobs. Other than that, it's ignored. so you might want to use your name or something else unique (ie: joes_chefjob1).
guiname The name of the job that gets displayed in the game.
maledesc Descriptive name of job for men. used to distinguish 'actor' from 'actress' etc.
femaledesc See above.
employer Text displayed in the game. The name of who you work for.
workplace Used in the end-day description. "you arrived at the pub" uses the word 'pub' for example.
industry One of the pre-existing industry categories. Used to determine which section in the job search dialog this job belongs.
minsalary Base starting salary per year in pounds.
maxsalary Maximum salary per year in pounds.

Minimum and maximum tips for jobs where tips are given. You can leave this empty if there are no tips.

locked If zero. job is normal. If 1, job is only available by someone personally offering you the job if they know you .
rarity The percentage chance of this job being advertised on any particular day you go job hunting.
sociability Likelihood of meeting someone new in your job (out of 1.0) .
socialkudos not used.
promote0 -2 three entries (all *must* be filled) which determine the three characteristics which determine job performance and success. These can be attributes (such as iq) or skills (such as peopleskills). In both cases, what's needed is the 'name' of the attribute, not the 'guiname' so 'iq' not 'IQ'. It's possible for 2 or even 3 of them to have the same value if you want a single attribute to be the only determinant of job performance.
commutedistance In miles
duration How many days the job lasts before the contract ends, or -1 to carry on indefinitely.
[prereq] Prerequisites for the job. the format is 0=skill,value where 0 is the index number (must go up 1 on each line), skill is an attribute like 'iq' or 'peopleskills' and value is the minimum level of that skill required.

Best to keep this to a max of 4 otherwise they won't fit on the GUI. These are the daily effects on the player of that particular job. they are in the following format:

index = name,effect,degrade

Where index is 0,1,2 etc on each line. name is the target object such as 'confidence', effect is the effect that a single days work has on the target. Degrade is the multiplier that is applied to the effect each turn, so it gradually fades away. Its normally something like 0.99, so you lose 1% of the effect each turn. Some of the jobs use 'defined constants' which you will find in the 'config.txt' file inside the main Kudos/data directory. in that case, text such as _TIRED_DEGRADE is used to represent the number.

But hold on, where are all the existing jobs in the game so I can take a look at or edit them?

Aha, they are cunningly combined into a 'csv' file, which is just pure text, but formatted nicely so that 'excel' or other programs that load csv files can read them. The layout is therefore very different, but the data is the same, and you might want to take a look at them to get ideas for the right values. They are all inside 'jobs.csv' in the games kudos\data\simulation directory.

I have modded the best job ever! what now?

You can post your superb creation on the forums HERE. If it's as cool as you claim, I can add it to the games auto-update list so billions of other Kudos players get to enjoy your work. You even get you name listed up there in the credits on the internet update screen. Fame at last! (probably best to test your job works well first)