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Modding Simulation Values

Simulation values are the blue icons. These are loaded in from a spreadsheet found here: \Democracy 4 \data\simulation\simulation.csv. Each line of the CSV that starts with a '#' is loaded in as a new simulation value. The columns in the spreadsheet all do different things and are explained below:

Name(column B)

Used internally as the 'object name' for this value in effects.


Chooses which of the screen areas and policy groups this simulation value is displayed under. This is purely visual so that the player has all of the same kind of data in the same place.


This is the initial value given to this object regardless of what other effects may have an influence. Should be between 0 and 1.0

Min and Max

Generally set these to be 0 and 1.0.


Decides whether a change in the value is portrayed as good or bad or unknown on the 'changes' graph for showing what has changed since you were elected. This sets a value to red, green or black depending what you select and what direction the value has moved in. Try to avoid any partisan value judgements.


The name of the icon used to display this item. (This is just the central icon, the blue circle surround is added automatically).This is an SVG file (vector graphics) which you can create using a free program like inkscape, available here. It should be inside the mods 'svg' folder.

# (Start of inputs)

This column denotes that the columns to the right of it represent inputs into this simulation value. These are then effects added in the standard format, which create a link from other objects feeding into this one. You can have as many as you like, or none at all, and they end at the next '#' entry.

# (Start of outputs)

The second '#' denotes the start of outputs from this simulation value, which are basically effects FROM this TO other items, so they are the equations that represent the effect of this value on everything else in the game. Don't forget that can be other simulation values, voter groups, situations, events, anything you like :D.