Modding Situations

Situations are rows loaded in from the CSV file found at \program files\democracy 3\data\simulation\situations.csv. Each line that starts with a '#' is a situation that is loaded in and may be triggered. The game will pre-calculate to see if any situations should be running given the situation at the start of the game. From left to right, the different columns of data are as follows...

Name and GUIName

The internally used 'object' name of the situation, and then the GUIName which is actually displayed to the player when referring to this item.


This is displayed on the details screen for this specific situation


This picks which area of the main screen shows this situation


The name of the file used to display this situation. Note that it's just an icon, the circular background is displayed and colored automatically. The file can exist anywhere within a folder that the game looks in for graphics.

Start text and end text

Shown to the player when the situation starts or stops and the player clicks on that item on the quarterly report screen.


A value of 1 means this situation is shown in the game with a green background. 0 means a red background.

Start and stop triggers

These are the values for this situation that conform to triggering a 'start' or a 'stop'. By default these values are all set with a similar gap, but you can set them however you want, although I can't vouch for what happens if they are reversed or the same!

Cost and Income per turn

These are fixed values earned or spent each turn that the situation is on-going. These crude values are then multiplied by the multiplier value set up in each country's country file to get the final figure applied in the game.

Inputs and Effects

All the remaining entries represent the effects for this situation, but some are inputs which cause the event to trigger (or to stop) and the others are the outputs which represent the impact this situation has on everyone else when it is running. The effects are all inputs, up until the '#' enrty, after which the remaining ones are effects. Obviously with inputs, the first item is the source of the effect, and with outputs the first item is the target of the effect. There is support for a special 'default' object, which can be used to set a 'base' level for the situation.

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